For Students:

    Let's Learn the Language:Online Quizzes-Plans and More

    Study Skills:Writing, Reading, Listening & Speaking-Structure, Sound & Sense


    Study Skills:

    1-Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking:

    How to Develop…                                            

    1-How to Develop Our Reading Speed

    2-How to Use an English Dictionary

    3-How to Write an Outline

    4-How to Learn the Vocabulary of English

    5-How to Listen Better

    6-How to Make an Oral Presentation

    7-How to Use Reference Sources

    8-How to Read Novels

    9-How to Read Textbooks

    10-How to Manage Our Study Time

    11-How to Take Notes in Classroom


    Ways to Improve… :



    3-Place and Time of Study

    4-Preparing to Study: A Good Study Place

    5-Vocabulary Learning Tips

    6-Building Vocabulary: Using Context Clues to Learn Word Meaning

    7-A Word Identification Strategy

    8-Using Acronyms to Remember Information

    9-Your Preferred Learning Style

    10-Ten Steps for a Good Research Paper

    11-Reading Comprehension: The REDW Strategy for Finding Main Ideas

    12-The DETER Strategy for Taking Tests

    13-Writing Techniques


         2-Structure, Sound and Sense:                      

    A) Language Arts:

    Introductions to Poetry, Drama and Fiction

    1-General Creative Writing

    2-How to Write a Poem

    3-How to Write a Play

    4-How to Write a Short Story


    B)Literature Guides:

    The Study of Plot, Characters, Themes, Setting and Point of View

    1-Animal Farm (George Orwell)

    2-The Old Man and the Sea (Ernest Hemingway)

    3-Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens)


    C) Writing Projects:                               

    1-How to Write a Bibliography

    2-How to Write a Book Report

    3-Book Report Creative Project

    4-Book Report Oral Presentation

    5-How to Write a Research Paper

    6-Research Paper Oral Presentation

    7-How to Write a  General Essay

    8-How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

    9-How to Write a Personal Essay

    10-How to Write a Persuasive Essay

    11-Essay Oral Presentation



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