For Students:

    Let's Learn the Language:Online Quizzes-Plans and More

    Study Skills:Writing, Reading, Listening & Speaking-Structure, Sound & Sense


    Plans of the Courses

    My Grading Criteria:

    Fluency+ Accuracy:

         Each mispronounced word=minus3

         Each misunderstood question=minus5 (on Listening Comprehension questions from

    the pupils) each student will answer five. (Repeated mistakes result in a double



    Listening and Speaking:

    Dialog Presentation and/or Roll play

    Active Participation in Classroom Talks

    Listening Comprehension (Tape and/or Video)

     Directed Discourse+ Spoken Drills


    Reading and Writing:

    Reading the passage

    Note-taking in textbooks

    Exercises in Workbooks

    Sentence-making in notebooks

     Question-making in notebooks


    You are not allowed to speak Persian in class.

    Certainly, as mere physical presence will not amount to anything significant, you are

    strongly advised to raise questions and participate in class-discussions because your

    final grade will be affected by the degree you participate in class activities(60%=class

    activity,40%=Final Exam)


    During the term and on certain sessions you will be required to  get a copy of some

    prescribed papers for special classwork or homework activities from:

    "www.truthwise.net/school/ for students"


    Absent Fail=absences were more than 3 during the term.

    Top Student=Final Grade is higher than 95.


    Final Grade>75=Pass

    Final Grade<75=Fail

    Final Exam<60=Final Fail

    Final Grade>95=Top Student

    Total Absnces>3=Final Faill


    (A+)~97 # (A)~ 94 # (A-)~91

    (B+)~87 # (B)~84 # (B-)~81

    (C+)~77 # (C)~74 # (C-)~71 # (D)~<70



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