For Students:

    Let's Learn the Language:Online Quizzes-Plans and More

    Study Skills:Writing, Reading, Listening & Speaking-Structure, Sound & Sense


    Plans and More

    Course Requirements:

    Basic levels:


    2- Notebook


    Elementary levels:

    1- Textbook

    2- Workbook

    3-Oxford Elementary Learner's Dictionary



    Intermediate levels:

    1- textbook


    3- Oxford Student Dictionary

    4- Notebook


    Advanced levels:

    1- Textbook

    2- Workbook

    3- Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

    4- Notebook



    Notebook Format(for each session):


    P1- note-takings and possible problems

    P2-grammer points

    P3-Questions on Dialog:

         1-3=Yes-or-No Qs

         4-8=WH Qs

         9-10=About-You Qs (General Knowledge)

    P4-Questions on Passage:

         1-3=Yes-or-No Qs

         4-8=WH Qs

         9-10=About-You Qs (General Knowledge)

    P5-New Words:

        Synonyms/Antonyms/meanings (equivalents)

        Sentence making

        Structure, Sound & Sense


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