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 Entrance Examinations of Sanjesh Organization


Test 9 (25 Qs)


1- What would you say if you ever………that man again?

1)have seem              2)had seem                        3)saw                   4)see


2- She dislikes ……….housework, therefore she lives and eats in a hotel.

1)do                         2)did                        3)does                            4)doing


3- When I looked around I saw the man ……….at the bus stop again.

1)standing                2)stood                     3)stands                  4) to stand


4 -It is hard for a child……….mountains.

1)climbing                 2)to climb                     3)climb                      4)climbed


5- He had to get his mother……….him with his homework.

1)helps                        2) to help                   3)helped                       4)help


6- When my father arrived home that evening. He was………tired to talk to anyone.

1) very              2)such                        3)so                    4)too


7- "Can I help you?"

   "I think so but you can not do the ………..alone."

1) job                 2)activity                     3)point                       4)purpose


8- Look! They have ………all the prices in this store. They're selling things cheaper.

1) organized                 2)designed                  3)changed                      4)collected


9- This book is now…………in shops. You can buy it if you like to have one.

1) sufficient                      2)commercial              3)available                      4)specific


10- Some people are worried at work and on holiday. They never feel……….

1) discovered                   2)developed                 3)protected                    4)relaxed


11- What type of ……… you usually watch on TV: news, sports or movies?

1) programs                 2)texts                     3)ideas                  4)topics


12- Young people are much………… what they see and read.

1) discussed                  2)influenced              3)attacked                4)expressed


13- When I asked her about her……….with the doctor, she said that it was cancelled.

1) opinion                  2)statement                  3)appointment                    4)headache


14- You are always talking and thinking about money. It seems that money is an ……for you in life.

1) accent                      2)end                         3)extreme                      4)attempt


15- When I was late to the class for the second time this week, I was………of showing myself to the    teacher.

1) ashamed                  2)aware                      3)worried                    4)ignorant


16- Could they ……….decide to take the children to the park?

1) absolutely                    2)slowly                       3)sufficiently                 4)finally


17- "Is keeping a Mercedes Benz car……….?"

      "It all depends on your pocket."

1) harmful                        2)dangerous                    3)costly                   4)useful


18- When you read and correct a piece of writing for publication, you are ………… it.

1) explaining                   2)expressing                       3)describing                4)editing


19- Can she develop a ……… my computer so that I can draw plans?

1) system                         2)policy                 3)wing                     4)space


20- How much should we pay if we……….a taxi for a day?

1) choose                          2)hire                          3)like                         4)prepare


21- Sports like football and basketball consume a lot of……………..

1) balance                    2)fuel                            3)energy                        4)wage



Read the passage and answer the questions


It was very difficult to find jobs in the north-east of England and when John lost his, he found it

 impossible to get a new one. He had soon spent all his money, so he decided to go down to the

 south of the country, where he had heard that things were better, and that it was easier to find

 work. The best way to go was by train, so he went to the railway station and got into a train which

was going to London. He was the only passenger in his compartment when another man came in

carrying a knife and said to him, "your money, or your life!" "I haven't got any money," John

 answered in great fear.

"Then why are you shaking like a leaf?" the man with the knife asked angrily.

"Because I though you were the ticket-collector, and I haven't even got a ticket," John answered.


22-Why did john lose his job?


1) Because he had spent all his money.

2) Because a new job was impossible to get

3) He went to the south to find one.

4) The passage says nothing about it.


23-John decided to travel to the other part of the country because…………

1) Jobs were said to be easier to find

2) The train went that way

3) London was a bigger city for jobs

4) He had heard that things were better there


24-What is the closest meaning to the expression "your money, or your life"? It is your money that

 can ……..your life.

1) provide                   2)protect                       3)take                4)bring


25-Why was John so much afraid? Because …………


1) He was the only man on the train

2) He thought the man was the police

3) He had no ticket or money

4) The man with the knife was angry



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