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 Entrance Examinations of Sanjesh Organization


Test 5 (25 Qs)


1-A:"who made the dress for Mary?"

   B: "nobody, she……made the dress."

1) herself                  2)hers                        3)for herself                     4)her


2- I was surprised when Mary said that she……….for more than 3 days.

1) didn't sleep              2)hasn't slept              3)hadn't slept                    4)doesn't sleep


3- I wondered how the little girl………….in that big city.

1) hadn't lost                 2)wasn't losing                 3)hasn't been lost            4)hadn't been lost


4-………..all the books, I didn't want to study any more.

1) studying                    2)being studied                   3)having studied             4)to study


5-He has got the………..of a mental illness. I believe he should see a psychologist.

1) victims                     2)symptoms                     3)values                 4)sums


6-The way you behave in the society …………… The way people treat you.

1) supplies                   2)explains                     3)determines                4)chooses


7- I was trying to ………. with him in a friendly manner. But he didn't listen to me at all.

1) handle                   2)address                   3)define                  4)converse


8-You should always remember that the ………..of someone else's property is forbidden in many cultures.

1)invention               2)division                 3)invasion          4)decision


9-The children were working in very bad condition. I was very sad to see their………life.

1) reasonable              2)miserable                3)applicable             4)accountable


10-He doesn't practice ……….. sports. He likes to play in teams.

1) individual                 2)professional              3)active                collective


11-She…… be of assistance, but she couldn't do anything.

1) ran out of sugar               2)broke down              3)did her best              4)turned out to be correct


12-" The cases of child labour may be discovered by the raids of police forces."

      Raid means:

1)spend              2)attack                 3)increase                  4)shoot


13-"The base is set up near a telephone so that extra help, for example ambulance, can be

contacted without delay."

According to this sentence:

1) The base contacts extra help after some delay.

2) The base always needs an ambulance.

3) Ambulances should telephone the base regularly.

4) Extra help can be contacted by using a telephone.


14-The little girl……….when the huge dog came close to her.

1) backed away              2)turned on                    3)sticked out                 4)picked up


15-He said he didn't want to talk to me at the presence of my friends, and he would talk to me……..

1) basically                    2)actually                       3)privately                      4)exactly


16-A: "…………does it take to get to Shiraz?"

     B: "Oh, I think about 3 hours."

1) how far                        2)what time                  3)which bus                    4)how long


17-In the word "…………" stress in on the first syllable.

1)supervise                    2)economy                    3)biology                     4)mathematics


18-Which one is grammatically wrong?


1) Could you tell me where should I go?

2) Can you show me where the bus is?

3) Would you tell me how the machine works?

4) Have you any idea how it is?


19-Which one has a rising intonation?

1) Do your homework well.

2) Could I use your pen?

3) They never had a car.

4) Where were you?


Cloze test


The problem of water shortage is gradually becoming a real… (20)… the life of Iranian people.

 Unfortunately, Iran has recently run… (21)…of water… (22)…in such a way that even large rivers

have been found to be dry.


20- 1)action                    2)event                      3)solution                        4)danger

21- 1)down                     2)short                       3)long                             4)away

22- 1)fields                     2)supplies                   3)shores                          4)devices



Read the passage and answer the questions


Arli knows how to type but he types rather slowly. He can only spell out words of four letters or less.

 But Arli is doing pretty well for a dog. He uses a special typewriter with small keys, and he listens to

 his owner who calls out the words for the Arli to type. It's a lot of fun seeing Arli type business



23-Which one is the best topic for the passage?

1) Typewriters and Typists                                               2) Arli Owns a Dog

3) The Dog Who Knows How to Type                                 4) Spelling While We Type



24-According to the passage, Arli can spell out the word"………….." without difficulty.

1) activation                     2) activity                    3) act                   4)action


25-Which one is correct?

1) Arli reads the words and types himself.

2) Arli's owner reads the words and types himself.

3) Arli's owner types, and arli reads the words.

4) Arli's owner reads the words, and arli types them.


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