For Teachers:

Ideas:Creative Solutions,Translation Workshop

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For Teachers


1-Research Articles:

1-Factors that Influence Learning Ability

2-History of Teaching               

3-Language Learning Process

4-Standardized Tests

5-Teacher Training Courses

6-Teaching and Learning


2-Classroom Activities:

A) Riddles and Interesting Questions for English Classrooms

B) Good Humor for English Classrooms 

C) Word Funs for English Classrooms:

1-Anagrams (words made by mixing up other words)

2-Oxymoron Example List (combination of cotradictory words)

3-Common Abbreviations ( the shortened form of a word)

4- Etymologies (the history and origin of words)

5-Mnemonics (some clever ways to memorize or remember difficult things)

6-Palindromes (words that read the same in both directions)

7-Pangrams (sentences that use every letter of the alphabet)

8-Redundant Phrases (needless repetition; wordiness)

9-Smileys (faces made by keyboard characters to convey emotions on the internet)

10-Spoonerisms (slips of the tongue or tips of the slung!)

11-Tongue Twister Fun (words or phrases that are difficult to pronounce)

12-Word Records( the longest words, letter sequences, symmetrical words...)

13-Interesting Puns (play on words to create several possible meanings)

14-Ambiguities (lack of clarity in meaning)

15-So Many Questions


D) Language Games for English Classrooms:

1-Adding a Letter

2-Answer Me!             




6-Guessing Who You Are


8-Just a Minute

9-Amazing Maze

10-Packing a Suitcase

11-Pretending to be a Person



14-Word Salad

15-Guessing the Word from a Drawing

16-Classroom Rules: Must and Mustn't

17-Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt


19-Beep Game

20-Words Beginning with a Given Letter

21-Counting Liar Game

22-Act Out an Activity

23-Vacation Cards

24-Headmaster Game

25-Find Parts of Speech of Words in a Sentence

26-Think Fast!

27-Alphabet Liar Game

28-Survivor Spelling Game

39-What's Your Name?

30-A Board Game for "Since and For"

31-A Board Game for "If and More"

32-A Board Game for "In case"

33-A Board Game for "Two-Word Verbs"

34-A Board Game for "Tense Transition Practice"


3-Teacher's Digest:              

1-Are You A Real Teacher

2-Differences between You and Your Boss

3-A Glossary of Tom Swifties

4-English Is a Crazy Language!

5-Rules of Writing

6-The History of the English Language

7-An explanation of Our Homework Policy

8-Interesting Facts of English Language

9-What My Mother Taught Me!

10-Complicated Ways of Saying Simple Adages

11-School Automated Answering Machine

13-Dictionary of Cokney Rhyming Slangs

14-Funny Metric Conversions

15-Funny Medical Dictionary

16-Fast Food for Thought



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