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Common Abbreviations

  21-ABM missile  Antiballistic Missile missile

  22-ABS system  Antilock Braking System system

  23-AC current  Alternating Current current

  24-ACT test  American College Test test

  25-ADSL line Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line line

  26-APL programing

  27-ATM machine  Automated Teller Machine machine

  28-BASIC code  Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code code

  29-CAD design  Computer-Aided Design design

  30-CNN news

  31-network  Cable News Network news network

  32-DC current  Direct Current current

  33- DMZ zone  Demilitarized Zone zone

  34-DOS operating

  35-system  Disk Operating System operating system

  36-GMT time  Greenwich Mean Time time

  37-GOP party Grand Old Party party

  38-GRE exam Graduate Record Examination examination

  39-HIV virus  Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus

  40-HTML language Hypertext Markup Language language

  41-ISBN number International Standard Book Number number

  42-ISDN network  Integrated Services Digital Network network

  43-LAN network Local Area Network network

  44-LCD display  Liquid Crystal Display display

  45-LED diode  Light Emitting Diode diode

  46-NATO organization  North Atlantic Treaty Organization organization

  47-PC Computer  Personal Computer computer

  48-PIN number Personal Identification Number number

  49-Please RSVP please Répondez S'il Vous Plaît (lit. please reply please)

  50-RAM memory Random-Access Memory memory

  51-SAT test Scholastic Assessment (or Aptitude) Test test

  52-SCSI interface  Small Computer System Interface interface

  53-UPC code Universal Product Code code

  54-VIN number Vehicle Identification Number number



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