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Common Abbreviations

In this first list, you will find the abbreviations that are most commonly encountered.

  1-AFK= Away From Keyboard

  2-ASL?= Age? Sex? Location?

  3-B4= Before

  4-BAK= Back At Keyboard

  5-BBL= Be Back Later

  6-BCNU= Be seeing you

  7-BRB =Be Right Back

  8-BTW= By The Way

  9-FAQs =Frequently Asked Questions

  10-IMHO= In My Humble Opinion

  11-L8R= Later

  12-LOL= Laughs Out Loud

 13- MOF? =Male Or Female?

  14-NM or N/M= Never Mind (or Not Much)

  15-NP or N/P =No Problem

  16-ROFL or ROTFL= Rolling On (The) Floor, Laughing

  17-TTFN =Ta Ta For Now

  18-UR= Your / You're

  19-%APR  percentage Annual Percentage Rate

  20-A.M. in the morning  Ante Meridiem in the morning (lit. before noon in the




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