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The aim of the game is to make the player laugh. The candidate is questioned. The others ask him wh-questions. The player is only allowed to answer "Spaghetti", whatever the question is. The student whose question made the player laugh is the new candidate. It is a good idea to change the answers in order to practice other words.

An example:

Player 1: What do you like best?

Candidate: Spaghetti.

Player 2: What did you have for breakfast?

Candidate: Spaghetti.

Player 3: What did you wash yourself with this morning?

Candidate: Spaghetti.


Educational objective:

·        practice wh-questions

·        practice pronunciation of especially difficult words


·        you can also practise questions with who:

Player 1: Who is your best friend?

Candidate: John

Who was you best friend last year?

Candidate: John

Who brushed your teeth this morning?

Candidate: John





Find two teams in a class. Every player gets a number and thinks of two words whose spelling he/she is sure of. Alternately the players of the opposite teams tell each other words and the other team has to spell the word. If the spelling is right the ball goes forward - maybe a quarter of the field. If the word is wrong the player of the opposite team gets the chance to spell it. If it's right the ball goes forward for his team, if not it stays where it is.

Educational objective:

·        practice spelling

·        strengthen spelling of certain word


·        the ball can go forward by an eighth or half

·        you can spell words backwards

·        if the player can't spell his/her word the ball can go backward




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