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14-Word Salad


Form two groups. Every group thinks of a sentence. The number of words of the sentence must be the same as the number of members of a group. Then every member of the groups says one word. Thus the other group has to find out the whole sentence.

Educational objective:

·        practise concentration

·        practise combination skills

·        practise pronunciation


·        Form more than two groups



15-Guessing the Word from a Drawing

Level: Any Level

  • Ask one student to be in front of the class. Give him/her a word that can not be seen by other students.

  • He/she will draw (on the blackboard) a picture expressing the concept of the word.

  • The rest of the class have to guess the word.

  • If you are keeping score, the one who drew the picture gets the point if the class can guess the word.





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