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16-Classroom Rules: Must and Mustn't

Level: Easy to Medium

  • Prepare small pieces of paper each with either one thing students must do or one thing students must not do.

  • Tell the students that they are supposed to form sentences that explain classroom rules.

  • Divide the class into groups (of 4 if possible, so that everyone gets a chance to speak).

  • Give each group the pieces of paper.

The winning group, the group that finishes first, reads their sentences aloud. (Each student of the group reads one or two sentences depends on size of group.)

It's an easy game and the preparation does not take too much time. You can make as many rules as you wish.

17-Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt

Level: Easy to Difficult

This game may require students to leave the classroom depending on how you set it up.

Make a list of things students must take photos of. Then put your students into teams, each with their own camera and have them go out and take the photos. The team that comes back first with all the photos is the winner.

Some ideas for lists are:

  • bus, taxi, car, bicycle, etc.

  • restaurant, post office, mail box, traffic light, etc.

  • In the classroom: pencil, pen, eraser, blackboard, etc.

  • Around the school: principal's office, copy machine, cafeteria, etc.

For further review of vocabulary, have the students look at all the photos and identify other things that appear in each photo.



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