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9-Amazing Maze


It is the goal to describe the way out of the maze. You can do that together with the class. The player who can describe the way out correctly may say who is next or he/she can become a leader of a group. Then it can be played in groups. Of course, you need a considerable pool of mazes.

Educational objective:

·        Strengthening and using words and phrases describing the way


·        measure the time or find the fastest writing it down


10-Packing A Suitcase


The teacher or a player starts like this: I need a towel, a toothbrush, a notebook, a camera and... The next player repeats the sentence and adds a new thing. The player who can't name all the things loses out. The winner is the one who is left.

Educational objective:

·        reactivate word fields

·        train and extend listening ability

·        train concentration and ability to keep things in mind


·        unpack suitcase

·        the loser is the one who is not able to name the things first

·        easier: only ten things

·        easier: show things


11-Pretending to Be A Person


The teacher, student or player pretends to be a person. He/she introduces him/herself. The other players must guess who he/she is. You can give hints.

Educational objective:

·        word field person

·        strengthen putting questions


·        the player who is right can pretend to be a person



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