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23-Vacation Cards

Level: Medium to Difficult

For this activity you will need a deck of cards, and an imaginative theme that could be crafted into some sort of story. For example, I choose "send the teacher on a vacation". On the board or overhead projector make a list like the following. (You could ask your student for input.)

  • A-exciting

  • 2-depressing

  • 3-expensive

  • 4-heroic

  • 5-romantic

  • 6-fantastic

  • 7-sad

  • 8-almost fatal

  • 9-cheap

  • 10-dramatic

  • J-happy

  • Q-weird

  • K-change one option

Prompt the students a little to get them started; perhaps offer a beginning to the story. They then must continue making an oral story by drawing one card and continuing the story along those lines. For example, if they get 4, then the teacher/protagonist must do something heroic or some kind of heroic event must occur. If the students draw a K (or whatever card you stipulate), then they can change one option. This seems to help keep the momentum in the game. Continue through all cards, with the stipulation that the story must be concluded by the end of the deck. Obviously there is a lot of room for variation here. Your word list and theme could be related to your unit of study.

Many students really enjoy this game; it is most interesting if you personalize it and insert yourself or a student (assuming he/she wouldn't mind).

24-Headmaster Game

Level: Medium to Difficult

Have each student take out a piece of paper and their dictionary. Write on the board:

You are the new headmaster of this school. You have two years to make this the perfect school. You can have as much money as you want, but you must spend it all in 2 years.

·         What changes would you make immediately?

·         What changes must be gradual?

·         What would you do to make it a better school?

·         What changes would you make?

Be specific. For example, don't say hire better teachers. You must say how you would find better teachers or what kind of teachers you would hire. Also, remember you must think like a headmaster, not like a student! Making school easy and letting the students do no exams or homework will not make parents happy!

Give the students 15 minutes to work alone. Then put them in groups of 3-5 with a leader to organize their thoughts. Each group's leader will give its "report" to the other students during the following class period.

If your students have a small vocabulary you can help them out by listing on the blackboard areas of discussion: teachers, buildings, classrooms, activities, dorms, lunchrooms, curriculum, sports, playground, library, bathrooms, schedules, music, art, etc.

This is a great activity for all ages. We always run out of time!



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