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Of course, the original game is altered. You need special cards for it. On the board you draw a square of five fields. In each field you put a letter which stands for five categories of words, e.g. grammatical categories. The class is divided into two groups. After mixing the cards the groups guess words alternately. Each group has three tries. If a word is right, the group gets a field. The winner is the group which has first conquered a line down, across or from one corner to another.

Educational objective:

·        Strengthening, repeating and checking words


·        Asking words from different areas

·        Changing the size of the square




All the players sit in a circle. One person whispers a word to his/her neighbour so that it is very hard for the neighbour to understand the word. The neighbour tries to guess the word and adds another one. He/she whispers these two words to his/her neighbour and so on. Mostly, the result is very funny.

Educational objective:

·        train concentration


·        the first player could whisper a full sentence




The teacher sets the structure of the sentence, e.g. subject, verb, object, adverbials. Additionally, the tense of the verb should be set. All the students make a table with the parts of the sentences above. Now everybody starts with the subject, then they fold the sheets so that the word can't be seen and hand it on to the next. Thus the students continue till the last field of the table is filled in. Finally, the certainly funny sentences can be read.

Educational objective:

·        strengthening syntax and tenses


·        non



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