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1-Adding a letter


Form two teams. Write a letter on the board. The first student adds another one to make a new word from these two letters. He/she reads it. The next student adds a third letter etc. You can change the sequence of the letters.

An example:

Teacher: A

Player 1: AN

Player 2: AND

Player 3: SAND

Player 4: STAND

Player 5: - -

The team of player 4 has won.

Educational objective:

·        Repeating and checking words

·        Spelling


·        non


2-Answer Me!


Here the student has to solve a task, e.g. translate a word. Two to three students play against each other depending how many of them sit at a bench. The teacher or a student asks: What is "today" in Farsi? The student who says "emrooz" may go on to the next bench. It's the goal to get as far as possible. The person who managed to get to every bench is especially good.

Educational objective:

·        Strengthening, repeating and checking words


·        Asking for phrases, whole sentence or grammatical structures



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