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Dictionary of Cockney Rhyming Slang

Here is a handful of Cockney phrases with some contextual examples of their use. Most of these are the more commonly used ones – though in some cases only regionally – in modern English.


  Adam and Eve =Believe =Would you Adam and Eve it?

  Alligator= Later= See you later alligator.

  Apples and Pears =Stairs= Get up those apples to bed!

  Barnet Fair= Hair= I'm going to have my barnet cut.

  Bees and Honey =Money =Hand over the bees.

  Butcher's Hook= Look =I had a butchers at it through the window.

  Crust of Bread =Head =Use your crust, lad.

  Daffadown Dilly= Silly= She's a bit daffy.

  Loaf of Bread =Head =Think about it; use your loaf.

  Mince Pies =Eyes= What beautiful minces.

  Oxford Scholar =Dollar= Could you lend me an Oxford?

  Rabbit and Pork= Talk =I don't know what she's rabbiting about.

  Scarpa Flow Go Scarpa! The police are coming!

  Trouble and Strife= Wife= The trouble's been shopping again.

  Uncle Bert =Shirt= I'm ironing my Uncle.

  Weasel and Stoat =Coat =Where's my weasel?



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