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Useful Information 

About Islam:


2-The Teachings of Muhammad

3-The Five Pillars

4-The Mosque

5-The God of Islam

6-The Prophet Muhammad

7-The Quran


9-The Spread of Islam

10-The Presence of Islam in the 20th Century


About Iran:                      

1-Lands and Resources                 

2-People and Society

3-Arts (Literature, Architecture,…

4-Economy(Industries, Agriculture,…


    (Safavid, Qajar, Islamic Revolution,…


About Kerman:

Cultural  Attractions :

1-Kerman Province in A Glance

2-List of Historical Sites

3-The Historical Sites of Kerman City

4-Other Historical Sites in the Province

5-Kerman: Past and Present

6-Local Architectural Style of Kerman


Photo Albums of Touristic Attractions in Kerman:    

1-Kerman Album One 

2-Kerman Album Two

3-Kerman Album Three

4-Kerman Album Four

5-Kerman Album Five

6-Kerman Album Six

7-Kerman Album Seven


Seven Movies from Kerman City (Films made by Ali Azimi):

1-Kerman Historical Buildings

2-Kerman Grand Bazaar

3-Kerman Jame Mosque

4-Kerman Malek Mosque

5-Kerman Ganjalikhan Complex

6-Kerman Vakil Complex

7-Kerman Historical Constructions


About the Tourguide:

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