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Weights and Measures Units:





2-acoustic ohm

cgs unit of acoustic impedance (the ratio of sound pressure on a surface to sound flux through the surface)


traditional English land measure; 1 acre = 4,480 sq yd (4,047 sq m or 0.4047 ha)


unit sometimes used to measure large volumes of water such as reservoirs; 1 acre-foot = 1,233.5 cu m/43,560 cu ft

5-astronomical unit

unit (symbol AU) equal to the mean distance of the earth from the sun: 149,597,870 km/92,955,808 mi


unit of pressure (abbreviation atm); 1 standard atmosphere = 101,325 Pa


unit of area, especially the cross-sectional area of an atomic nucleus; 1 barn = 10-28 sq m


unit of liquid capacity; the volume of a barrel depends on the liquid being measured and the country and state laws. In the United States, 1 barrel of oil = 42 gal (159 l/34.97 imperial gal), but for federal taxing of fermented liquor (such as beer), 1 barrel = 31 gal (117.35 l/25.81 imperial gal). Many states fix a 36-gallon barrel for cistern measurement and federal law uses a 40-gallon barrel to measure “proof spirits.” 1 barrel of beer in the UK = 163.66 l (43.23 U.S. gal/36 imperial gal)

9-base box

imperial unit of area used in metal plating; 1 base box = 20.232 sq m/31,360 sq in


unit of electrical signaling speed equal to 1 pulse per second


unit (symbol B) for measuring reaction of optical materials to stress

British thermal unit

imperial unit of heat (symbol Btu); 1 Btu = approximately 1,055 J


measure of dry and (in the UK) liquid volume. 1 bushel (struck measure) = 8 dry U.S. gallons (64 dry U.S. pt/35.239 l/2,150.42 cu in). 1 heaped U.S. bushel = 1.278 bushels, struck measure (81.78 dry pt/45.027 l/2,747.715 cu in), often referred to as 1¼ bushels, struck measure. In the UK, 1 bushel = 8 imperial gallons (64 imperial pt); 1 UK bushel = 1.03 U.S. bushels


unit of length used on ships, taken as 1/10 of a nautical mile (185.2 m/607.6 ft)


cgs unit of heat, now replaced by the joule; 1 calorie = 4.1868 J


unit for measuring mass of precious stones; 1 carat = 0.2 g/0.00705 oz


unit of purity in gold; pure gold is 24-carat


obsolete unit of luminous intensity


name for the short hundredweight; 1 cental = 45.36 kg/100 lb


obsolete unit measuring capacity; 1 chaldron = 1.309 cu m/46.237 cu ft


in engineering, a unit of entropy; defined as the ratio of energy to temperature above absolute zero

21-cleanliness unit

unit for measuring air pollution; equal to the number of particles greater than 0.5 μm in diameter per cu ft of air


unit of thermal insulation of clothing; standard clothes have insulation of about 1 clo, the warmest have about 4 clo per 2.5 cm/1 in of thickness


unit for measuring the power of a vacuum pump

24-condensation number

in physics, the ratio of the number of molecules condensing on a surface to the number of molecules touching that surface


unit for measuring the volume of wood cut for fuel; 1 cord = 3.62 cu m/128 cu ft, or a stack 2.4 m/8 ft long, 1.2 m/4 ft wide and 1.2 m/4 ft high



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