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1-There’s a huge difference between achieving to be happy and happily achieving.

2-Who you become as a person is the ultimate reward.

3-We all need a continued sense of emotional and spiritual growth; it is the food of

which our souls thrive.

4-The truth is, what you get will not make you feel good, but learning how to change

your state of mind in an instant will.

5-If you’ve tried and failed to make a shift, the missing ingredient was probably


6-Consistency of reinforcement is very important when you’re first conditioning a new


7-When you use a metaphor, you’ve not described your actual experience, but how it’s

like something else.

8-If there’s one thing I’ve learned in seeking out the core beliefs and strategies of

today’s leaders, it’s that superior evaluation creates a superior life.

9-Unless you live consistent with your deepest values you’ll achieve but still lack the

ultimate fulfillment you truly deserve.

10-Your values will aid you in negotiating peaceful seas and raging storms, enabling

 you to steer the course you’ve charted toward your destiny.




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