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Translation Workshop

Do you know the other side of the following comparisons?

1)    As bitter as?

2)    As black as?

3)    As black as?

4)    As black as?

5)    As black as?

6)    As black as?

7)    As bold as?

8)    As brave as?

9)    As bright as?

10)           As bright as?

11)           As bright as?

12)           As brittle as?

13)           As busy as?

14)           As changeable as?

15)           As clear as?

16)           As cold as?

17)           As cold as?

18)           As cold as?

19)           As cold as?

20)           As cruel as?

21)           As cunning as?

22)           As dark as?

23)           As dead as?

24)           As dry as?

25)           As dry as?


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