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Discussion Prompts for english Classrooms

A)Who, What, Why, How, Where and When?!

B)"Yes-or-No", "This-or-That" and  "About-You" Questions


  1. When you are angry, how do you look?

  2. When are you happiest?

  3. When have you felt lonely?

  4. When do you feel proud?

  5. When was the last time you cried and why?

  6. When a friend was in an embarrassing situation, what did you do?

  7. When it might hurt their feelings, how do you feel about telling your friends the truth?

  8. When might it be bad to be honest?

  9. When someone picks on someone else, how do you feel? What do you do?

  10. Once, when you were very frightened, what happened?

  11. Once, when you were embarrassed, what happened?

  12. Once, when your feelings were hurt, what happened?


  1. Which quality best describes your life--exciting, organised, dull--and why?

  2. Which quality do you dislike most about yourself--laziness, selfishness, childishness--and why?

  3. Which place would you most like to visit--Africa, China, Alaska--why?

  4. Which holiday has the most meaning for you-Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day--and why?

  5. Which is least important to you--money, power, fame--and why?

  6. Which is most important to you--being popular, accomplishing things, being organised--and why?


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