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Above all I would like to thank God for all His Help and Kindness to me all through my life and  in this project as well.

Now then I would like to thank my dear wife, S. Baniasadi, BA in English Teaching from Kerman Azad University, without whose help and patience this project would never have been accomplished.

 I would like to thank my parents: my father, Hossein Azimi, now 49, a secondary school teacher and my mother, S. Attarzadeh, now 47, a primary school teacher.

I would like to thank some of my highschool teachers and professors at Kerman Bahonar University: Mr. Mokhtari Ardekani, Mrs. Fakhrshafaei  and Mrs. Abshawi;

I would like to thank my brother, Mohammad, now 19, a university student in Persian literature and my sister, M. Azimi, now 25, an internist at Kerman Medical School and her husband,Mohammad Mehdi Saberi,now 31,an engineer at Kerman Mineral Products Company.

 I would like to thank some of my relatives:My grandfather, Mohammad Ali Azimi, now 78, a clergyman in a village near Kerman, my cousins: Hamid and Saeed Atterzadeh, Hamed and Ehsan Daneshi, university students in computer engineering at Isfahan University;

I would like to thank some of my classmates at the university: Javad Pouramini,  and Ahmad Nezhad Hadi;

I would like to thank some of my colleagues (English teachers) at the Iran Language Institute: Mr. Bahador, Mr. Farzad, Mr. Majdfar, Mr. Eslami, Mr. Rahmatian, Mr. Sharifi  , Mr. Mizani, Mr. Niknami and Mr. Shaheidari;

I would like to thank some of my students at language classes: Hamed Hosseinkhani, Hamid Soltani,Mohammad Hatami, Iman Bazrafshan,and Mohammad Sajed Moeeni.

I would like to thank some of my friends from schooldays: Mehdi Mohammadi, Mohammad Hossein Mehrol Hassani and Mohsen Mirhabibi;

(Mehdi Mohammadi, my old friend and a computer engineer, designed the security system in Delphi, Hamed Daneshi, my cousin, helped me with building the search engine; Ehsan Daneshi, his brother, helped me with making the four active buttons in the homepage; Hamid Attarzadeh, my cousin , helped me with making the Send box in PHP; Saeed Attarzadeh, his brother , helped me with making the Flash intro  for CD and M.Sajed Moeeni, my student friend, designed the CD Label and Cover with 3Dmax.)


And after all I would like to thank God as I shall do before, during and after all things.

Ali Azimi, July 2005*

*CD Version 1.0 finalized in January 2007


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