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Personal Information:     

First Name: Ali

Last Name: Azimi

Place of Birth: Kerman, Iran

Date of Birth: 7/7/1982 


1-    B.A. in English translation from Kerman Bahonar University (2003)

2-    Professional tour leader from Iran Tourism Organization (1999)

3-    Senior proficiency certificate in English from the Iran Language Institute (1996)


   1-Persian (first language)

   2-English (fluent in writing, reading, speaking and listening)

   3- Arabic (fair in reading and writing)

Tel/Fax Number : +98 -91 33 99 20 50

E-mail Address:

P.O. Box: 76176 33953 (Kerman, Iran)



1-Writings:Poems, Essays, Articles

2-Drawings:Sketches from Childhood




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